According to their semi-regular newsletter, the City of Heroes development team is ready to roll out another round of double XP disbursement. While you may be new to City of Heroes - or haven't played it at all - this weekend gives you a perfect opportunity to try the game out and get a feel for what you can expect. If you need some additional advice, go check out our recent review of CoH.

Here's what the newsletter had to say:

With Issue 13: Power and Responsibility live and Issue 14: Architect coming soon, City of Heroes® has more great content than ever! Once again the big weekend is coming to Paragon City™ and the Rogue Isles™. Roughly twice a year we turn up the dial and invite players to rack up XP at double the normal rate. For an entire weekend, Hero and Villain characters will receive double the XP, Influence and Infamy for all of their accomplishments in the game.

You can read the whole newsletter by clicking here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016