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style="font-style: italic;">Shortly after APB's launch, Realtime Worlds had to put it down.

APB (All Points Bulletin) suffered an amazingly fast death after its June launch. With reportedly more than $100 million in financial backing, Realtime Worlds entered Administration in less than three months of the game's operation, leading to the company's demise. But rumors surfaced at the end of October that a buyer might have been found and some sources pointed to Codemasters as the possible savior for the game.

Eurogamer recently caught up to Codemasters Online General Manager David Solari to ask about the rumored aquisition. Solari told Eurogamer that Codemasters has not aquired APB, but that he felt with nine months of work that the game could be turned around. While no buyer has come forward for APB, Solari does feel that if the game itself isn't purchased, someone will lay claim to the technology used to develop it.

"Somebody will... If they don't pick up the game then they will pick up the technology for sure, because the avatar and character customisation technology is incredible. Something will definitely be done to preserve that.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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