Looks like this bad boy is just busting out. The Igneous Villain group is one of many of the horrors facing our Heroes in NCSoft's City of Heroes.

The Trolls colloquially call them “rock dudes” and “lava dudes,” but such familiarity does not properly reflect the danger the Igneous represent. On the surface of the Hollows, scattered through the nooks and crannies of Grendel’s Gulch, are the scouts and vanguard of the Igneous. Named “pumicites” (from pumice, a porous form of solidified lava), these rock men appear to be made of a living, gray, porous stone. Their skin is abrasive, like the skin of a shark, and resembles a sponge because of gas bubbles frozen within it. These bubbles can burst, releasing noxious fumes that make it hard to breath. Pumicites are much lighter than they appear, and thus are faster and more agile than heroes might expect.

He looks like a cross between Clayface and some kind of rockman. Scary Ugly is what he is.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016