Nexon America announced the launch of a new server for their MMOFPS, Combat

today. The new server is named Foxtrot and is for new players only,
with rank and kill to death ratios that must be met in order to load in
on it. Several new weapons were added into the RMT "Black Market" for
players who seek to enhance their gaming experience with real world

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with more than three million registered users, has new players rapidly
joining the ranks of the fast-paced game every day. To help ease the
adjustment into the twitch-based game play, new players (derisively
called noobs) can play against one another on Foxtrot, the new casual
server. To enter the casual server, players must have a kill-death
ratio (KDR) lower than 0.80 and be ranked Private First Class or
higher. Those who do take advantage of this new server will also
acquire a slight EXP and GP bonus for matches completed.
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feel like the casual server, Foxtrot, is another way for us to keep
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as accessible as possible,” said Combat Arms producer Graham
Kays. “If
you’re a new player who is still learning, jump into the
casual server
to face others with similar skill level.”
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also introduced several new weapons into the Black Market, the
game’s real-money item shop. Five new weapons are available
in the
Black Market, while a new rocket launcher can be acquired through Gear
Points, the in-game currency collected through playing
style="font-style: italic;">Combat Arms style="font-style: italic;">. This new RPG will be
available for players ranked Sergeant First Class 2 and higher.

You can learn more about the game href="" target="_blank">here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016