Citing a lack of motivation from the players, pro gaming organization compLexity has decided to disband their Heroes of the Storm team following the events of the World Championship.

compLexity General Manager Kyle Bautista had this to say:

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the coL.Heroes squad. Watching them compete on the big stage in Vegas was personally one of the highlights of my year. Unfortunately, as the year drew to a close the team was lacking the drive that is necessary to produce championships. After lengthy discussions we agreed with the team that it was best to part ways and wish them the best of luck in this game, or the next.

As for our involvement in Heroes of the Storm, it is certainly a game we’re keeping our eye on. We’re hoping that Blizzard has big things in store for 2016, and we’re excited to enter the Nexus again, when the time is right.”

coL's Heroes team was not without its accomplishments, including 1st place in the MLG Titan Arena 1, 3rd place Heroes Americas Championship 2015, and 1st place in WCA America 2015 Heroes Open. The organization is certainly leaving the door open to a return to the HotS scene in 2016, though it's clear that a brand new lineup would be necessary in order to do so.


Source/Image credit: compLexity

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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