Are you looking for some old school pen and paper roleplaying action outside of Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures but still based in the Hyborian realm? Well look no further than this new Conan Roleplaying Game created by Mongoose Publishing. This new pen and paper game is based on a D20 rule-set variation and should make a welcome gift to any pen and paper gaming fan.

With Christmas approaching, many of you will be searching for a suiting present to your fellow role-player or AoC-player. Some of you will be familiar with the D20 rule-set that is used in numerous role-playing settings and has come to fame through the popular father of most modern role-playing games called D&D. The Conan world has seen many iterations of role-playing rules being attuned to it, but Conan RPG by Mongoose Publishing is one of the most complete and perfectly attuned rule-sets and the main rulebook will be the perfect Christmas present for any role-player or even people that only dabbled into role-playing within MMORPGs. To those people I can only say: its time to gather your friends, buy some chips, cola and more unhealthy food and gather around a table to feel the magic of Pen and Paper role-playing and experience the fun that inspired the creation of Age of Conan.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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