Earlier today, we have seen CD Projekt Red confirm that the leaks for Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt that have been surfacing across Reddit and other sites are indeed real, from a developer's hacked account. They are also advising fans of the series that accessing this material will expose them to story spoilers that they might not want to know about before playing the game. They also assure us that this account being hacked does not affect the continued development of the game.

The leaks, which contain a lot of design elements, such as creating hair with Geralt as an example, concept art outfits for Triss...oh, and story endings. This seems to be CD Projekt Red's major concern, and for good reasons. There are several possible ways to end your story, based on your choices, and it seems the leaked documents has all of them. There really isn't a greater spoiler than knowing the end of your story.

One thing that we're seeing in reaction to the leaked documents, though, is that CD Projekt Red seem to have developed a special “boob physics eye candy” just for E3. Since boob physics are just as important as any other physics, it's good to see that the developers paid special attention to them. They've managed to not only create boob physics, but take them to the next eye candy level.

In case you have not seen the Sword of Destiny Trailer yet, here is a boob physics spoiler: unless you specifically knew to look for boob physics, you probably missed it. Or maybe just thought it was weird that a headless woman is running through a meadow. Boob physics is one thing, and I get it. The majority of gamers are guys and guys like boobs. The disembodiment of our meadow runner to show off the boob physics, however, is an odd choice. Side note, googling “Witcher 3 boob physics” is now a thing and has a decent list of results.

One Redditor went as far to do his duty to post leaks without spoiling the story, to warn others about the spoilers. Kromgar's post includes Geralt's hair, some beastiary screen caps, Triss in two different outfits and concept art of masks. We're also warned that the leaks are coming, which I guess that means staying off the internet forever, or at least until Feburary 25, 2015.

One thing that has been interesting to find out is developer thoughts during the process. Some gameplay has been labeled boring and dialog marked for a redo, to minimize Geralt looking like an idiot. One of the documents suggests that the game might have been fairly playable as early as February of this year, which will certainly make fans question why it's been pushed back to 2015.

Will you seek out the leaked documents? What are you interested in, spoilers or boob physics? Maybe you're a picture person and just want to see how many outfits Triss gets for the Wild Hunt?

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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