Can you call it an interview if there aren't any questions and you're doing it to yourself? *shrug* I can't say. However, Chronicles of Spellborn Official Site has an "interview" up about Cold Dawn What is Cold Dawn? Er, I dunno but read on to find out.

he Spellborn Scrolls are pieces of interactive fiction taking place in the world of The Chronicles of Spellborn. The latest Scroll was conceived by Lead Writer Jesse America and is written by Community Manager Mathew Reuther.

From beginning to end, the Scrolls each present a unique challenge to the team. During the conceptual phase, a draft of the upcoming scroll is created. This serves as a roadmap of the plot, and includes details about which choices will lead the reader through the various situations contained within the tale.

With this Scroll, Jesse stepped away from the other storylines he'd created within the previous episodes. Cold Dawn was intended as a method of introducing a bit of the magic of TCoS, and as such a new story made more sense. His goal was to try and bring a bit of the feel of the game's magic system into Scroll format. This was a challenge in that there's often a difference between what makes for exciting reading and interesting gameplay.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016