Champions Online will be getting some new content in late May/early June with "The Serpent Lantern" Adventure Pack and Cryptic Studios has posted a preview of some of the upcoming changes to VIPER, a criminal organization within Champions Online and story focus of the adventure pack. While VIPER hasn't been a great match for superheroes in the past, the update will change that as the organization will see certain enhancements that will make them a little deadlier through technology improvements to their arsenal.

While always a deadly threat to normal law enforcement, Viper has long been a relatively easy target for super humans, never quite able to match their power, training, or resourcefulness. Consequentially, Viper has always been seen as something of a punching bag by the hero community.

Times are about to change.

In the late Nineties, VIPER “kidnapped” Doctor Park Lee-Wen from North Korea. After granting him a laboratory with state of the art tools and an unlimited budget, he applied his genius to the improvement of VIPER small arms to devastating effect. As a result of his work, all variants of VIPER's energy weapons - Photonic, Plasma, and Pulson, now deal significantly more damage in standard fire modes.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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