Fix Notes

The official site for Dark Age of Camelot was updated with the notes from today's fixes.

The following changes are now live:

- Maulers in Midgard may now obtain the Phoebus Harp Necklace.

- Gemstone Horse - This quest is now repeatable. This will allow a character to obtain the horse again should they sell their previous gemstone horse.

- Adjustments have been made to the obelisks located in the Labyrinth Hub to make them a little more forgiving for standard use.

- The Comeback to Camelot bonus to RPs and BPs has been removed from Agramon Island.

- (Hibernia) The "Anger" pierce weapon will now correctly be set to 16.5 DPS.

- The Hibernia and Midgard version of "Disillusioned" will now correctly have the Power Infusion charge.

- Maulers can upgrade their Champion Weapons by speaking to the Focus Weaponmaster in the throne room.

- (Albion) Maulers may now complete the ‘Voices of the Dead’ quest.

- (Midgard) Maulers may now complete the ‘Silent Death’ quest.

- (Hibernia) Maulers on the ‘Crace’s Desire’ quest will be able to turn in the Ixthiar Leg to the mantid surveyors.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016