Dark Age of Camelot will soon see some changes to the way RvR works. Producer Stuart Zissu has outlined several changes to the system aimed at making it “complex, not complicated.” As part of the planned changes, Relic Temples and Relic Gates will be going away. Relics will be moved to the innermost keeps, making those keeps permanent Relic Keeps.

The difficulty of the Relic Keeps will be scaled according to how many keeps a realm holds in their home territory and how many relics that realm controls, with the difficulty of the envoy guards increasing the more a faction has under their control. This gives invading players the option of going right for the relics and facing a tougher challenge, or taking control of surrounding keeps to help soften up the defenses.

The second part of the new system aims to make the Relic Raid more engaging and dynamic in Dark Age of Camelot by cutting off access to PoC and scout boats while holding the relic. The player carrying the relic will also have an effect that alerts players within range of their presence. In other words, you're ability to evade the enemy will be a lot more difficult.

A test of the new system is planned to take place on Pendragon server on Wednesday, April 11th. Read more about the coming changes in Zissu’s Producer’s Letter.

Source: Dark Age of Camelot Letter from the Producer

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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