It happens to the best of games. My thoughts on this? Good! Finally developers are getting the fact that they shouldn't launch before the game is ready!

Granted it's not a huge delay, only a few weeks off.

As the developers are currently working on the final testing and balancing tasks in the Dark and Light private beta, they must regretfully choose to postpone the release of Dark and Light. César Jacquet, manager of NPCube, explains: “As the release date gets closer, we are not satisfied enough with the balancing and debugging, and do not wish to release Dark and Light just yet. After many ups and downs (the chikungunya epidemic on Reunion island , as well as logistic issues), the development team wishes to release Dark and Light in the best possible condition to make up for the delay, and to reward Players who put their trust in us and expect a lot from Dark and Light. This is why Farlan agrees with the recommendations of NPCube nd has pushed the release date back.

Good for you guys!

You can also pre-order your Dark and Light Activation Key starting today. You can get that right here at the official site. Dark and Light officially launches May 30th. You can start downloading the game on May 26th.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016