Right out of the gates, it's time for a patch and a little downtime.

PIONEERS of Ganareth will be back in the world of Dark and Light on May 30th, 2006 - First patch to be released on Thursday, June 1st.

The world of Dark and Light is now available to Pioneers of Ganareth on May 30th, 2006. The first hours in Dark and Light were full of experiences and discoveries, as the first players were able to begin the exploration of the long-awaited unique world...

The Pioneer inheritance will be available starting June 1st, 2006. In order to implement this, the Dark and Light server will be disabled for two hours, starting at 1pm UTC. The Dark and Light client will be patched in order to fix several quest bugs. The server will be back online at 3pm UTC.

The server will be shut down again on June 2nd, starting 8am UTC, for hardware maintenance. It will be back online at 10am UTC.

The Dark and Light team

So yes, have fun with that.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016