Progress Update

The official site for Dark Solstice has been updated with a note pointing us to their forums where are able to find a progress report for this upcoming game.

Okay, let me first accept responsibility for the long delayed update. I would blame it on being busy but this can quickly be countered by “nobody is that busy”. However, we have been and I was waiting to try and give you some significant look at where we are and where we still have to go. As you might have guessed, we prematurely exposed players to a game that was not ready. We thought it was but quickly we realized that we needed to fix and change many things before we let players back in. If we didn’t do it now, we would have had to delay the next phase. So, right or wrong, we decided to step back and look at the things, both major and minor, that needed to be done.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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