The sandbox MMORPG Dawntide was originally scheduled to launch on October 1st, but developer Working as Intended delayed the game’s launch late last month. Today the developer has offered an explanation for the game’s delay in a post to the Dawntide website. It turns out that as the developer was preparing for Dawntide’s launch in August the developer lost their source of funding and development on the game came to a grinding halt.

Luckily for Dawntide fans, Working as Intended acquired a new source of funding this week and the team is back together and work on the game has resumed. A new beta patch is expected to release on October 17th and a new Dawntide launch date will be announced before the end of October.

Working as Intended also thanked all of the game’s loyal fans for sticking them through the latest rough patch and vowed to release “the best sandbox MMO out there

Source: Dawntide website

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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