First leak of the delivery date for DC Universe Online?

You never know when something will slip, and then you never know whether or not it was a real slip, or a trick slip, or just an inadvertent oops. Either way, MTV's Multiplayer Blog may have received some additional icing for their cake when interviewing Geoff Johns who is a comic writer for DC Universe Online.

In other words:

"It launches I think in early 2010, it could be late 2009. I’ve written the overall story and the path that gets you into the game and the areas of the universe and how to explore them, but not every line of dialogue. That’s a fulltime job, it’s too frigging big, too intense to write every line of an MMO. I’d probably jump off a building.”

Of course that leaves an amazingly large window for any potential launch and can't be taken as any kind of serious delivery date, but it is nice to know that they are making very good progress on the game!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016