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Community Relations Representative Eldorudo offers a link to the highly
anticipated Dev Chat hosted by Stratics House of Commons.

*Guest23* What's
the time frame
for when module 2 will come out?

Nereid_DDO Hello - Module 2
"The Twilight Forge" will be coming out in July. We are accepting
applications for our preview of Module 2 content in the DDO.com Forums.

*Zaran* could you explain the
solo option on the difficulty selection on the Quest Window.

Solas_DDO The solo option has
two main goals: To improve the new player experience, and for something
to do while waiting for a party.

Solas_DDO Only a single
can enter an adventure on solo. The monsters are scaled down, HP, AC,
spells, etc. Most classes should be able to tackle a solo adventure
appropriate for their level, although some classes are more powerful
solo than others.

Solas_DDO Currently, solo
is only available in the Harbor

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016