If you’ve been playing Defiance since its launch earlier this year, you’re probably already familiar with the itemization problems that have been plaguing the game since it rolled out. Many items feel like little more than a slight variation from the last, including those rarer drops. That is just one of several issues that the dev team plans to address now that its move to the Redwood studio is nearly complete.

Creative Lead Trick Dempsey recently penned the latest State of the Game for Defiance. And a few of the things the team plans to focus on with future updates include making weapons better, providing a benefit for each and making those rare weapons exciting rather than disappointing. Shields will also be getting some love to make each one more useful and tactical so that the Respark Regenerators don’t sell out across the world given that it’s the one primarily used by many.

The inventory (test of human endurance?), which was said to be getting some much needed improvements some time ago, will once again be revisited for improvements. The less-than-stellar social functions are getting a tune-up. The UI and Objectives will also be getting looked at for possible improvements.

Beyond the improvements, Dempsey also teased what lies ahead for Defiance with the second DLC pack that was teased at PAX Prime and will include new arkfall interiors, boss encounters, stims, and power-up spikes. Following that you can expect to see some improvements to advancement systems such as EGO and gear.

Source: Defiance State of the Game

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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