Samera (and Sporkfire) on Soloing

Turbine's community relations folks fielded quite a few questions on
the official forums yesterday about the new soloing system. We've
gathered them up into one place for you.

Community Member: Now we need style="font-style: italic;">less
to level up? Are you kidding me?

Samera: I'd like to stress that
it only takes less experience to go from level 1 to level 3. Level 3
through 10 remain the same.

CM: Should I just delete my
lower level characters and start again? Or will all of my characters
now gain the benefit of having levels sooner?

Samera: Advancing to level 2
will now require 5,000 experience points instead
of 10,000, and advancing to level 3 will require 20,000 total
experience points instead of 30,000.

As a result of this sliding experience, the experience point
requirements for level 3-10 will be 10,000 points lower. The amount of
experience required to move from level 3 to level 10 will remain the
same, but will require less total experience, as a result of the
changes to total experience requirements made at levels 1 and 2. To
balance this out for existing characters, all characters who are
currently level 3 and above will see a one-time, 10,000 point,
experience shift closer to their next level. Please note: this is
NOT a gift of 10,000 xp, merely a shift.

What she means is that it still takes the same xp to get from
level 9
to 10 as it did before. Yes the total xp is different, but it will
still take just as long to advance post level 3.

Samera: Yes. Thank you. I'm
confusing even myself now.

CM: So I have a few characters
with 549,999 xp, since all levels are being
adjusted by -10000 xp, does this mean I will be a level 10 with
549,999/540,000 xp, meaning I have more than enough xp to advance, but
I can't? Or... will it mean that level 11 is being introduced?

What happens when I die? Will I be able to get my xp back up to
549,999, or will i be SOL and slowly start lowering my xp to below

What if I get a new character to level 10 and want to cap him, will the
new xp cap be 539,999 or will it stay at 549,999?

Sporkfire:  The experience
cap will remain at 549,999, and you will remain at level
10 until new levels and ranks are introduced. When they are,
advancement to level 11 will require 550,000 experience points. So,
advancing to level 11 will have an extra 10,000 experience requirement
between the levels. It's not something we especially wanted to do, but
a side effect of the experience slide and the experience point totals
that are already out there among players.

CM: What is the experience
gained when soloing compared to other difficultly levels? In other
words - if normal is 100% xp, hard is +25%, and elite is +50%...what is

Samera: Experience for
completing a quest on "solo" is -50% from "normal".
Also, completing a quest on "solo" does not unlock any of the higher
levels, so you still have to complete a quest on "normal" to unlock

CM: Maybe I read this wrong,
but it seems to me that the solo content is, in fact, just the same old
harbor quests
that have been altered to suit a single person. Wow. Devs, you guys
know that the harbor is the last place in the game that needs anything,
right?  I guess I was just assuming that bigger issues were going
to be addressed (i.e. lack of content in the market).

Samera: The Twilight Forge
Module will contain new content. The Solo system for the harbor is
coming before Module 2.

You'll find most of these questions and responses posted on the
official forums in [ href="">this]

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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