Digital Roar Studios recently announced the launch of a Demo for their upcoming sci-fi-based, PvP online game, Ascension War: Triumvirate. The demo shows the game in its early Alpha stages and will allow players to play as the Mars faction and blow up some Kj’hal drones. The demo download is available here. Read the press release below for more details.

Digital Roar Studios Releases Ascension War Online Demo

GEORGIA (March 26, 2010) – Digital Roar Studios has released the first playable demo of its inaugural title, Ascension War: Triumvirate (AWT). The demo is in its early Alpha stages and Digital Roar is actively soliciting community feedback as it continues development.

AWT is a multi-player online shooter. The player assumes the role of a pilot for one of three warring factions in our galaxy. Initially there will be four ship classes and four to six maps that feature both open exterior and tight interior spaces.

Digital Roar Studios is a small independent developer. Incorporated in Georgia, Digital Roar currently functions as a virtual studio with team members spread across the country. Digital Roar’s designers, artists, and programmers pool their experience from the gaming industry, government, and academia.

The demo can be found on the AWT website at

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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