The Little Engine That Might...

Tony "RadarX" Jones brings us a look at the E3 Demo of the soon to be released Dark and Light. Will the game meet expectations or will the load be too heavy to bear?

The boasts of Dark and Light sound like a MMO players dream. One server consisting of 15,000 square miles, 213 cities, player fortresses? What could be wrong with that? In my mind, I have to be a little worried about the player getting lost or being overwhelmed. I was told one of their 13 realms had a larger land size than EverQuest 1. That’s pretty freaking big, and watching him zoom out from the player to the world itself proved he wasn’t joking. They are living up to their claim of “largest MMO ever.”

Find out all about Dark and Light's E3 demo and more here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016