On any given day, a casual browsing of the Hearthstone subreddit will often immediately result in at least one or two threads either complaining about, or defending, the power of the Grim Patron Warrior deck. Despite the fact that it's overall win rate in both ladder and tournament play is actually pretty reasonable, there never seems to be a shortage of discussion on whether or not the deck needs a nerf (I even weighed in on the topic!)

It seems almost certain that no changes will be made before BlizzCon, and even then, it would be unwise to count on any nerfs. In a Japanese interview with 4Gamer, Blizzard developer Hamilton Chu commented on the actual and perceived power level of Patron Warrior. Below is a translation of his comment, provided by Reddit user suejak (who identifies themselves as the owner and operator of a translation company):

I don't think that the Patron Warrior deck is as powerful as players believe it to be. The deck is exceedingly popular, but a deck's strength is not always proportional to its popularity. It's also often used in tournaments, so I think that people who watch tournaments might come away with a sense that the deck is very powerful.

At any rate, we certainly find community opinion about Patron Warrior to be very important, and we will continue to keep a close eye on the deck as we decide what to do in the future.

Based on this comment, we can see that Blizzard is still keeping an eye on the deck, and has not ruled out any changes. However, it's clear they're hesitant to take action, and it seems the deck's win rate would likely need to spike up before they truly feel something needs to be done about it.

So, be prepared to continue to play against Patron Warrior, or at least continue to watch it in tournament play.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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