EVE Online's cross-platform link with DUST 514 is about to get a lot more interesting. We sat in today on a roundtable discussion with Arnar Hrafn Gylfason and others from CCP to learn more about an event that will invite players to put their stamp on the EVE universe and, through their actions during the event, actually help write the back story and lore.

On Friday, CCP will kick off The Battle for Caldari Prime. During this major event, which is on the scale of the Battle of Asakai, the DUST mercenaries will erupt as a massive, prevalent force bent on taking control of an entire planet. EVE pilots will need to fight for aerial superiority. The ensuing battle will be written into the background of the empires in these spaces.

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"This is going to be a major moment in EVE. It's very compelling that players will have such a huge impact on shaping the world around them."

"For a game that's very hardcore sci-fi," said Gylfason, "It's an interesting experience to let the player participate in taking it in their own direction. This is going to be a major moment in EVE. It's very compelling that players will have such a huge impact on shaping the world around them."

The event is intended to introduce the DUST mercenaries into EVE on a large scale, with in-depth interaction between the two games, and consequences that will impact both. CCP wants the link between the two games to be "as integrated as possible," and they've connected the worlds step-by-step through smaller, contained events aimed at the core community and lore aficionados to this point. This event will see EVE pilots and DUST mercenaries fighting at the same time and place.

We asked whether there would be a way for fans to see the event if they were unable to get actively involved. CCP told us they would be live streaming on Twitch TV with camera ships and commentators. If you can't participate in the event itself, you can at least take part as a spectator.

After the event, players will notice actual visual changes in-game, as well as new lore documentation. CCP is also working on a timeline website so players can quickly see the impact of events such as the one taking place this weekend.

Read more about The Battle for Caldari Prime at the EVE Online dev blog.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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