The Next Eeverqust?
Shayalyn got some hands on time at the character creation in Vanguard, Saga of Heroes. She also got a first look at some group combat in a place known as Hillsbury Manor,a Mistmoore-esque zone area.

I found right off that I could adjust things like my character’s arm mass, arm length, shoulder mass and torso scale in minute detail. Gone are the enormous mitten-like hands present in some MMO’s—there’s a hand scale adjustment. And yes, Virginia , there are boob sliders (well, Sigil calls it “breast scale,” but again…what fun is that?). And not only can you tweak those particular assets size-wise, you can also adjust them for perkiness (that’s called “lift.”) There’s also, in the same customization area, a slider for “mood,” (which may or may not be related to the ability to have cut an impressive figure, chest-wise). Mood changes the character’s facial expression from ornery to cheerful and everywhere in between.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016