ECA and Connected Nation create united front advocating universal broadband.

Most gamers take their broadband connectivity for granted. For most living in urban areas or larger cities, the choices for broadband are plentiful or at least available. However, for all of the technology power houses in the U.S., it sorely lags behind other countries in overall broadband coverage. Connected Nation, a non-profit organization has picked up the torch to affect change and bring broadband to the masses. Working at all community levels (city, state, federal) Connected Nation is working toward the goal of national broadband accessibility. While the first goal is to get ubiquitous broadband access, they are also driving toward the economic boon that universal broadband would provide. Using the age-old analogy of the information super highway, the reason for concrete highways was to promote commerce, the fact that underserved people got to use it too was a side effect. The intent behind universal broadband is the similar, namely to give companies an economic incentive to create the access that will also elevate the standard of living along the way.

Enter stage left, the Entertainment Consumers Association, an advocacy group for interactive entertainment. If you're been keeping up at home, those are fancy words that mostly describe gamers (be sure to tell your wife/mom/significant other that you are not "gaming," you are enjoying your interactive entertainment). The ECA fights the good fight against all of the Jackhole Thompsons of the world. Whether you have heard of them or not, the ECA has been working on your behalf to help defray some of the hits that Bioware takes for Mass Effect to name a recent battle.

Following is an excerpt from the announcement that ECA has joined forces with Connected Nation for the common goal of providing more robust and accessible internet access:

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Connected Nation to promote consumer rights and make the Internet accessible to all," said Jennifer Mercurio, Director of Government Affairs at the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA). "Our Gamers for Universal Broadband initiative was created in direct response to member outcry over limited broadband access across the country. Now is the time for consumers to get involved to ensure that we have a powerful voice in shaping the future of the Internet."

Learn more about Connected Nation and the ECA.

Do you take broadband for granted? I know Boomjack doesn't. In a previous work life I provided feasibility studies on community-wide broadband via wireless and powerline communications. The opportunities are enormous, but the costs are staggering. As technology continues to improve and costs decrease, the opportunities will outweigh the financial hurdles and the dream of Connected Nation can get closer to fruition.

Do you have good internet access? Do you have choices or are you locked into one provider? Is universal broadband a pipe dream? Let me know.on our forums.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016