Changes are coming to the Champions Online economy. Bill Roper recently updated the community on some of the planned changes that will impact retcon prices and upgrade drops.

We’re increasing the number of white upgrade drops in the world by a substantial amount – close to double of what you’re seeing now. We’re also flattening out the curve on resources gained for selling upgrades to stores, meaning that you’ll get a lot more for white primaries, a little less at the highest end (blues and purples). This equates to distributing about the same overall potential resources while skewing gains to the lower end. We had originally considered just simply increasing the amount of resources you earned from selling all items to “fix” the economy. However, this would have broken crafting – hence the shifting of primary and secondary upgrade values that maintain a net balance of total resources you have coming in from selling upgrades.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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