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Participating in Arena Champions isn't just fun, it's also rewarding! You can earn titles by defeating foes and winning matches in the Arena. Does Blackguard the Triumphant sound like a cool title? We think so, but you'll need to get 500 wins in the Arena to obtain this prestigious level of fame (or infamy, as it were). Read on for the list of titles awarded for participation in Arena Champions combat!

Titles for Wins

* the Contender - 100 wins
* the Triumphant - 500 wins
* the Victorious - 1000 wins
* the Champion - 2500 wins

Titles for Kills

* the Combatant - 500 kills
* the Assailant - 1000 kills
* the Vanquisher - 5000 kills
* the Gladiator - 10000 kills

Earn these titles and become a feared combatant in the Arenas at Maj'Dul, Freeport, and Qeynos!

Will PVP save EverQuest 2? Only time will tell.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016