GU#36 And How It Will Affect YOU

With the new patch lurking around the corner like the love child of Jason Vorhees and the Boogeyman, the forums are a hot bed of rumor and speculation. Is this the final nail in the coffin of gameplay? Is YOUR class forever ruined and destroyed? We went to every forum, looked at the data, read the comments, and prepared a honest look at Game Update #36 and how it will affect YOUR class.

Templar - What they are saying: We're losing percentages to DPS and melee crits, but gaining double attack and averaging out our overall DPS.

What we hear: I should have rolled a Scout.

Conclusion: STOP SURFING THE INTERNET AND PLAYING IN INSTANT MESSAGES AND HEAL ME! NO! CLOSE that browser window! CLOSE IT! You see that RED speck? SEE IT? That's MY FRIGGING HEALTH because you had to check on your eBay auction! DO YOUR JOB NURSE!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016