It Came from Beyond the Patch Notes

With Patch Day fast approaching Coyote and RadarX take a hard, analytical look at recent changes on Test using numerous charts and diagrams. By "analytical" we mean mocking and by charts and diagrams we mean "knock-knock jokes" and "sarcasm." Join these two as they find the most unusual notes and point out what is changing.

Continued efforts by confectionary-savvy cooks, has led to the discovery that you can dip many fruits in chocolate! Not to be outdone, bakers have started to make a variety of flavored cheesecakes! You may find that your favorite fruit has been used to make one of these delightful treats.

RadarX: *laughs* Cooks just figured out fruit can be dipped in chocolate... This is a nice return and I know Niami DenMother is extremely happy to see chocolate back in the game.
Coyote: This just in from the Raiders! "Can you Raid the chocolate?" "No." "Then F*** you. F*** you and F*** Willy Wonka.
RadarX: They are just mad because they can't yell the chocolate. Aha! I said that joke was too old a few weeks ago and I just used it. What do you mean it wasn't funny?
Coyote: Wow...

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016