With many changes, updates, and various improvements on the board for the next game update, Alan "Brenlo" Crosby shares a bit with the community about how things are progressing and delves into which features are taking priority.

The top of the list deals with server performance issues caused by the stress of the Battleground servers. With so many players experiencing long loading times and other annoyances, Brenlo tells us that stabilizing performance is a big priority.

Some servers are struggling a bit with the new load created by returning players, Battlegrounds, more items in the database, etc and are not reacting well. This is our engineering team’s number one priority. They are working hard with our Database Operations folks to figure out what is causing the issue and how best to correct it. They are streamlining database queries and cleaning up old data. This will be an ongoing effort and is of great importance to our team, especially Rothgar, our lead engineer, as you may have noted through his hundreds of posts.

Brenlo also talks a bit about Shader 3.0, New Halas, SF itemization, and other works that they hope will be ready for the next big update due out in May.

You can catch the entire post on the EQ2 official forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016