The Zenimax devs recently offered up another batch of answers to a bundle of community questions for PvP and Cyrodiil in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Just a few things answered in the Latest “Ask Us Anything” (AUA) feature include raid size limits, low-player contributions to PvP campaigns, emperor durations, the various types and usage of siege equipment, what happens when you capture an Elder Scroll, and much more.

Are you able to steal an Elder Scroll with a small group, or will there be a broadcast that the Scroll is missing? Will the position of a stolen Elder Scroll on the move be visible on the map?

When an Elder Scroll’s gate is opened or closed and when a Scroll is picked up, captured, or returned, everyone will see a broadcast. It’s possible for a small group to escort a Scroll carrier, but the Scroll’s location will appear on the map—everybody in Cyrodiil will know where it is.

If you’re still drooling for more PvP information, be sure to check out our recent Q&A session with ESO's Lead PvP Designer Brian Wheeler for a rather lengthy list of juicy info.

Source: ESO AUA

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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