In Game Auction Event for Euro Players

This from the Dungeons & Dragons European website:

In-game auction event – 11th June, 2006

Throughout the mercenary community, rumours are beginning to spread…
Word of an auction, where a multitude of varied and powerful objects
are to be sold, is passing from lips to lips.

These murmurings tell of an auction that is being organised and
conducted by the Spellswords, a group of mercenaries with a very mixed
reputation. Many speak of them as heroes, who have done much good for
the city of Stormreach. Some whisper of them as being little more than
villains, that are willing to do anything should the price be right.
Either way, word has it that the Spellswords are offering to sell items
on behalf of others, for a commission naturally!

Whichever tale you believe, there seems little doubt that it is the
Spellswords who are the ones organising this "auction". Furthermore, it
may not be wholly sanctioned by the coin lords of Stormreach, which
thus explains the discrete nature of their advertising campaign;
whispered tales in taverns that spread like wildfire.

Much speculation exists as to the location of this auction and as to
what will be sold there. Perhaps more information will be revealed in
days to come...

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