One might think that a sharp drop in players would be cause for concern, but in the case of EVE Online it is a cause for celebration. Why would a MMOG want less players? When those players are ISK farming currency traders.

This summer, CCP did an all over clean sweep banning over 6,000 paid accounts. These accounts had all been determined to be owned by currency traders and CCP just isn't going to tolerate it. spoke with EVE Online developers to find out how it all went down.

"We must address this in the manner of the FDIC, not the SWAT"

For weeks they studied the behavior and effects these real-money traders had on the game, and then they struck. During scheduled maintenance, over 6,000 accounts were banned. Hreiðarsson assures us that the methods were sound, and the bannings went off with surgical precision. "We are quite confident that false positives are practically non-existent, but we examine all requests for review," he explained. "So far less than a dozen have been found to be false positives." The project is ongoing, and so far CCP has banned approximately 9,000 accounts.
CCP remains dedicated to providing a true environment for players to enjoy in-game without the interference of illegal ISK trading. Certainly the New Eden economy will be better for it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016