CCP Karkur has posted a new developer blog for EVE Online with more good news on UI improvements slated for release with Escalation & Inferno. One of the more requested features being added will enhance the Market UI, allowing players to see their orders in the Details tab and make browsing a little more friendly.

OK, how annoying is it when you show market details on an item, and then you want to take a look at similar items and you have to find the categories/groups yourself in the "Browse" list? The correct answer is "very". Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could, say, have a right click option on the trace text at the top of the "Details" tab that made the "Browse" list magically open on the correct group? I thought so, so I made it so

A number of other changes are also in the works to adjust tooltip displays, dragging character & inventory items into special text fields, the option to clear chat channel content and more. Get the full rundown in the latest EVE dev blog.

Source: UI and I – Our Little Improvements Together v2

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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