EVE Online has never really been about bowing to NPC authority and CCP is putting a little more of the NPCs power into the player’s hands. A new dev blog from CCP Omen teases the new player-owned Customs Office, which will allow players to blast out Customs Offices and build one of their own and even regulate the tax rate.

Each planet can only have one Customs Office and they can only be owned by a player corporation, so they will obviously be a point of conflict. But what in EVE isn’t? Players will need to acquire Customs Office Gantry and haul it into orbit along with a few other materials to set up their Customs Office. Once the office is up and running, players with a Station Manager role will then be able to set the tax rate (tariffs) between 0-100% of associated resource tariffs.

Given the recent Goonswarm fun with Oxygen Isotopes in and the reaction that followed, this should be an amusing point of drama when the system finally goes live.

Source: EVE Online Player-Owned Customs Office Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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