Time Lapse before the full mental lapse after an exhausting run to launch.

CCP has released a video showing a time lapse recording of launch day of their latest release for EVE Online, Empyrean Age. For those of you with the idea that working for a gaming company is all about glamor and booth babes, watch this video, and more importantly watch the clock. At least the accommodations are nice with the windows and plants, and, well ok, non of that. But I would expect nothing less from those who code, I imagine they prefer it that way (I would).

That was one long day, and I'm sure it was a long day on the tail end of a string of long days (if not months). My hat is off to the crew that can get to that point and push ahead to the finish line, which is actually the starting line for the next expansion!

I will say though that the starting time seems to be north of 8:00AM, and to that I say good on you.

Watch the video on EVE's Facebook Page and then decide how much you want to work in those glamorous conditions for that amount of time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016