We can rebuild it. We have the technology.

The information on the latest EVE Online patch went out with this month's newsletter.

Patch 1.1: Better Stronger Faster

The EVE Universe quaked with the release of EVE Online: Trinity. Now,
behold the might of Trinity Patch 1.1. The Amarr Empire has long
boasted about its powerful ships and a fervent willingness to destroy
all that opposes them. Finally, the Omen, Zealot and Apocalypse class
ships are getting a boost to reflect that devastating potential.
However, the ship improvements don't end here. In order to satisfy
your lust for carnage, modifications have also come for the Eagle,
Moa, Raptor and Ferox class vessels. Head to our download page and get
the client of your choice.

EVE Voice gets a few vital improvements including Channel
Prioritization, which allows fleet commanders priority when speaking
to their fleet. The days of muffled voices drowning out each other
while vital disseminated information is missed are over. When your
commander speaks, all other voices are muted as to not miss anything

Waging war in deep space is dangerous enough without logistical
hurdles getting in the way. Trinity Patch 1.1 will remove the need for
direct fleet invites by offering an "open fleet" option. Pilots will
be able to join open fleets within their alliance or corporation at
the push of a button.

It's no secret that capital gain is king in EVE. While the market is
second to none, it can understandably be a bit daunting to navigate at
times. That's why a number of fixes to help with functionality and
layout have been included in the Trinity 1.1 patch. Some of the new
market settings address filtering for system security, filtering items
that you have the prerequisite skills for and filtering items that you
can currently fit to your active ship. These settings are sure to
assist every pilot's learning curve when it comes to EVE economics and
finding the right gear.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016