Quantum Rise to elevate ship attributes.

The next expansion for EVE Online, Quantum Rise, will bring with it some refinements for about twelve of the ships. In particular, blockade runners and deep space transports are getting some defensive love with added stealth and warp strength respectively. In a move to help each of the ships in their role, CCP is testing the changes:

"These changes are not final and are subject to change following feedback here and from public testing on Singularity. By no means are we finished and we will continue to look at the industrial line of ships in the future. We plan to focus on improvements to help them fulfil and expand their roles. Specialised cargoholds is one improvement we are looking at in detail for the future. For now we very much want to hear your constructive views on these proposed changes."

To read more about the changes, go to My EVE and don't forget about the Live Dev Blog where they will be discussing Fan Fest 2008 with the organizers of the event.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016