EVE Online veteran gives the real deal for us new players.

Grimpak (Sergio Ribeiro in RL) provides another look into what he calls the "dog eat dog eat dog" universe of EVE Online. If you are looking for a gradual walk into the lion's den, you can forget about it. Grimpak starts with the fact that nobody should be trusted, and honor is really a four letter word. He does provide a set of guidelines though:

1. Trust noone;
3. There is no concept of a “fair fight” in EVE;
4. Therefore, there is no concept of “honor” in EVE;
5. Everyone is out to get you, no matter what, how or when;
6. The concept of overkill is overrated. However “Fire” and “Reload” are just fine.
7. Having a good and expensive ship means nothing about your PvP prowess;
8. The good player always has a backup plan; and a backup to the backup, in case of backup plan failure;
9. There are many smart moves that you can do in EVE. Filling up your Iteron V with all your possessions worth of over 1 billion ISK and flying AFK through hi-sec, is not one of them;
10. Ergo, hi-sec is safer, not safe.

I guess we can never say that we weren't warned. Read the rest of the write up at Eve-Mag.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016