War is hell they say, but in EVE Online it’s a way of life. This week CCP SoniClover outlined a few changes to the war declaration system in EVE’s 1.1 Inferno update that include a fixed length of two weeks to Ally contracts, which can be renewed at the end but will not support an automatic renewal, a new cost associated with hiring allies and a cap on the number of members in the defender corp/alliance.

There is now a cap on how much the number of members in the defender corp/alliance can affect the war declaration cost. The cap is 500 million. Note that this is not a cap on total cost of war – the multiplier for the number of wars you have declared still applies.

Read all the latest changes in EVE’s dev blog.

Source: Inferno 1.1: Changes to the War Dec System

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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