No special mount but no special pay-per-view gouging either.

EVE TV will once again be broadcasting live fromEVE Online's party from the top of the world, aka Fan Fest 2008. For a brief outline of the events to be showcased, we head to the official site:

Every main lecture - over 15 lectures covering every topic you could think of.

· Keynote speeches from Oveur and Hellmar.

· The Producer's Panel Q&A.

· Roxor & The Party on Top of the World.

· The Fanfest PvP Tournament including "EVE TV Live on stage".

· Many many interviews with players and CCP staff.

· Everything else we see until we run out of tape!

They also mention that the videos will be available for download a few weeks after everyone recovers from the party. Since I won't be making the trek to Iceland this year, I'll be standing by to watch the event from the comfort of my desk chair. Make sure you find a camera that is filming and say "Medeor, you missed the party!"

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016