We've come a long way baby, but you can be sure there is much more in store for EverQuest II in 2008! Not a whole lot has come through the grapevine as to what we can expect, but we do have some great ideas of what we can hope for. With a new expansion to play in and a new Senior Producer leading the way this next year could shape up to be the very best one yet!

With the longer development time between expansions, the playerbase has been rewarded with more cost free content. We've been blessed with a new race and new zones in the last year and we expect for this trend to continue. As for what exactly they have in store, I haven't heard just yet. My guess would be that we could expect to see more high end group and raid content similar to Estate of Unrest and the Emerald Halls.

Please join Savanja for a fun and interesting speculation on what the future holds for EQ2.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016