Fallen Earth Senior Game Designer Marie “Aro Sei” Croall has posted her May "State of the Game" that details upcoming content for the game. New Progress Towns are coming; in fact, you can head over to PTS this week and give them a try. The update offers some insight into how the new Progress Towns will function and how players can build their own towns using the in-game crafting system.

New combat changes are also being tested and the devs will be taking their time with this one. As we all know, if you change the combat you likely change the game. So there are a number of potential changes dealing with stats, weapons and AP and skill requirement changes. There even looks to be a few dynamic events in the works down the road.

We’ve been looking for ways to add more conflict to the world while providing dynamic content with significant rewards--Faction Control Points, Progress Towns and Scavenger Bosses are all part of this goal. The World Event system will allow special events to occur all over the map. The most common World Event will place a town or area under attack by hostile forces, but there are additional events being planned.

Source: Fallen Earth May "State of the Game"

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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