If you’re holding out for a chance at the Firefall beta, you may get your chance soon enough. Red 5 has posted a new Beta & Development Update outlining their beta plans and what’s in the works for Firefall.

Beta testers have been taking part in weekend beta tests to help test the stability of server infrastructure and get a little time on Firefall’s Orbital Comm Tower map with all five battleframes. The team is now planning to ramp up testing and run two beta events a week as they are also working to get the open world experience ready to welcome testers sometime this month. Red 5 hasn’t added new testers to the game at the rate that they had hoped following their return from PAX due to certain performance and technical limitations during testing, but fear not, more invites are expected to go out within the next couple of weeks.

As many of you have probably guessed by now, we are not rolling out invites at the same rate that we had hoped to when we got back from PAX in September. The infrastructure issues and technical limitations of the last few tests have made us wary of adding additional users until we have a better handle on the overall experience. Now that we are moving into a more regular schedule of testing, we are feeling better about things and will be increasing beta invites soon.

Source: Firefall Beta & Development Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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