Pirates Join the Family of Jedi, Paladins, and Diplomats

Although the official announcement hasn't run yet (we'll pick it up when it does), the developers over at Flying Labs have written in their Dev Journal that Pirates of the Burning Sea will be "published in partnership with Sony Online Entertainment." This is big news, because until now PotBS was being internally funded and people outside of Flying Labs were unsure how the game was going to make it into a wide range of stores. WIth SOE's help, Flying Labs can put PotBS on shelves all across the world.

For all you SOE haters out there (I know you exist!), the developers were quite adroit in pulling back the curtain on the deal because it seems like Flying Labs is getting into a great relationship with SOE. Here's a snippet from the write-up:

1) Strong distribution – We want Pirates of the Burning Sea to be in every retail store that carries games. SOE has that down cold.

2) Great localization process – We really want a simultaneous launch in Europe and the US because we think it could do as well over there as over here. Working with SOE gives us the best chance of making that happen.

3) Enthusiasm – I really can’t stress this enough. You can write a contract to say anything you want about how much work each party will do, but that’s nothing compared to having your partners genuinely excited to work with you, from the marketing people to the programmers to the executives. And boy, are they excited. (You would be, too, if a great game fell into your lap!)

4) Clockwork process – We want to launch Pirates this fall. The game is in great shape and we’re going into large-scale beta testing this week. To hit a fall launch date, we needed a partner who knows the entire process inside and out, someone who can just start turning the crank and making it happen.

The rest of the dev journal pretty much answers any questions people might have concerning with Pirates of the Burning Sea will end up like Vanguard or Star Wars Galaxies, and Rusty does a great job answering all those question. Please, check the journal out as soon as you can and see what all the hub-bub is about!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016