Friday the 26th [Random Thoughts Edition]

Don't have the time or the patience to give the official forums a look? Who can blame you, they contain more hot air and misdirection than a room full of politicians! Don't worry we're here to help! Once again, we have the Friday Forum Roundup—links to the most interesting, the hottest, and the oddest threads in the official forums! On second thought, maybe it's just links that interest us, who knows...

This week is the second week since the release of the Burning Crusade and miracle of miracles we where all able to log on to the servers and actually play! We also have already had a two patches since the release of the expansion, and both of them even went in fairly smoothly.

And now for the weekly TenTon Hammerhead Award! This is an award is usually given to the most outrageous thread on the forums, however this week it goes to one for pointing out something of pure comedy. This week I found two to give awards to, they are:

This week's runner up is... Cynthias of the Kil'jaeden server for the Aldor v Scryer - flight paths post.

The whole point of the post is to ask about faction flight paths and how they are choosing scryer because of a flight path? HUH? Might the rewards be a bit more important especially with everyone getting flying mounts?

This week's winner is... Slobber from the Gorefiend server for his tactless response to this thread - A warrior just left my group..

Ok, go read the first post... back? We all know that it is 99% chance the warrior was lying to the group, however the thought that Slobber lays out just makes me sad for the next generation. I mean, I'm cold and callous most of the time, but that's a low thought, even for me!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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