Group and Earn IP

Riot, the juggernaut behind League of Legends is taking steps to quell some of the more venomous members of its community by awarding bonus Influence Points (IP) to players who group up and work together.

For two weeks players who group up to play League of Legends will earn bonus IP points.    Any matchmade queue with a premade party of two to five players is eligible for the bonus.   The breakdown is as follows:

Some players will even earn rare, "massive IP" prizes.  Players who queue alone will not receive any bonus.

Full story on the Official League of Legends Site.

I'm not sure that queuing as a party will curb the toxic players.   It may just put more of them in a group, especially if those grouped to queue are working together and their "fill-ins" aren't living up to their expectations.  

Good idea or good intentions gone wrong?


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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