Security Alert

As with all things there are fraud and phishing attempts to acquire your information and Age of Conan Hyborian Adventires is not immune. Funcom has released a statement to warn people of such things in attempt to aid you in protecting your accounts.

We have heard of several attempts at phishing for the account details of our users.

Those are blunt attempts to trick you into entering your user details (login & password) at another site than our official registration page. (

Important notice:

  • Funcom will NEVER ask you to enter your username and password anywhere else than in our registration page
  • No beta application will ask you for your login & password of your retail account
  • No Funcom employee will ever ask you for your password

Please be careful with your login details. Keep them secret and don't tell them to anyone or enter them anywhere else than in our registration page. Always check the URL in your browser if its the correct one, don't be fooled by a page that looks similar or the same as our accountpage.

Thanks for your attention, its in your own best interest!

  • You can read the official post here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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