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Gameforge unites its free online games under one roof

Karlsruhe, Germany, December 01, 2009 – One account, one login, countless worlds: Starting immediately, the portal MMOGAME unites gripping browser games and epic MMOGs under one roof, completely free of charge. Gameforge, the leading independent global provider of online games, publishes its complete portfolio with numerous games from various genres and themes at Besides Metin2, the largest European online game with more than seven million active players, MMOGAME also includes titles such as the multiple award-winning strategy game Ikariam, the browser game legend OGame, or the exciting historical business simulation Gilde 1400. Besides convenient account management, an all-round information system and a detailed overview, the games platform also offers plenty of community features that enhance the gaming experience and the interaction between players.

Klaas Kersting, founder and CEO of Gameforge, explains: "With MMOGAME, we integrate our games into a comprehensive social network, offering our users an even more intense community experience. Our portal features such as friends lists, highscore graphics and the MMOCard make it even easier for them to network and interact. MMOGAME brings all Gameforge games together on a single platform, providing our players with a quick overview of our portfolio and the option to use all games through a single access."

These are the most important features:

All-round information system:

MMOGAME immediately informs users of every newly launched game round or product release. From now on, thanks to the continuously updated news, players will no longer miss an opportunity to accept a new challenge.

Detailed player profile:

The MMOCard is the player's calling card. Besides the descriptive profile page, it contains an overview of current rankings and achievements, and a guestbook where friends can leave messages.

Highscore overview:

Through illustrative graphic evaluations, MMOGAME always offers a perfect overview of achievements and development level of each player character.

Motivation through comparison of success:

The bar is set high – lets you compare your achievements during the past months to those of other players. This allows players to judge their own performance better, and to set themselves new goals.

All buddies at one glance:

Making friends and maintaining friendships is one of the essential factors of online games. MMOGAME allows players to find like-minded users, conveniently manage them in a friends list, and contact them at any time.

Quick forum overview:

The best hints are usually found in forums – the active MMOGAME community and the numerous game masters gladly help with problems and exchange valuable hints and tricks here. Once logged in, the player has direct, easy access to all forums.

About Gameforge:

Gameforge is the largest independent global provider of browser and client-based online games. The company from Karlsruhe, Germany, offers 16 games in more than 50 languages, including Metin2, the largest massively multiplayer online game in Europe. The Gameforge portfolio also includes popular games such as OGame, Ikariam, Guild1400, 4Story, or Gladiatus. The Gameforge portal MMOGAME integrates all Gameforge games in a comprehensive community network. Gameforge has won numerous awards, including 'Entrepreneur of the Year 2008' and 'Technology Pioneer 2009' from the World Economic Forum. In 2009, Ikariam won the German Computer Game Award in the 'Best Browser Game' category.

For more information about the company:

For more information about the games:

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