GamersFirst is taking the fast-paced shooting action of APB: Reloaded to Russia. The free-to-play publisher today announced a new partnership with Innova Systems to bring APB: Reloaded to Russian gamers

The deal was inked earlier this month and gives Innova Systems exclusive publishing and distribution rights for APB: Reloaded in their territory. Innova players will enjoy the same free-to-play model for the game as western players.

APB: Reloaded is being developed by GamersFirst subsidiary Reloaded Productions and is currently in open beta.


Leading Russian MMO Publisher to Deliver Blockbuster Free2Play® MMO APB Reloaded to Players Throughout Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States

Irvine, Calif., October 26, 2011 – A leading publisher of Free2Play® massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, GamersFirst ( today announced that it has partnered with Innova (, the leading publisher of client-based MMO games in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to distribute the company’s blockbuster Free2Play Third-person shooter MMO, APB Reloaded. Finalized earlier in the month, the international partnership provides Innova with exclusive publishing and distribution rights for APB Reloaded in their territory.

“Our years of experience in being a market leader in Free2Play MMO’s have taught us that when you want to take that step into the global marketplace, it’s imperative that you find a partner that has like-minded goals and similar organization culture,” said Rahul Sandil, SVP of Marketing and Business Development for GamersFirst. “After an exhaustive diligence, it became clear that Innova was truly the only choice for distributing APB Reloaded to the Russian Federation. With six years of local market experience and more than two million active users, we know that APB Reloaded will flourish in Russia under Innova’s watchful guidance.”

Citizens of Russia and the CIS will be able to experience the same Free2Play game as that of their western counterparts. Using Innova’s ‘4game’ publishing platform, players will be able to play the game free of charge, without having to pay subscription fees or face level or content restrictions. All that is required to start playing is downloading the game client and logging in.

"We are happy to introduce a compelling title like APB Reloaded to our international publishing platform – ‘4game.’ The combination of freedom and action elements that APB Reloaded brings to the table makes this game a truly unique product on the market,” said Gevork Sarkisyan, CEO of Innova Systems. "We are excited to enter into a partnership with GamersFirst, who was one of the first companies to introduce the Free2Play model to Western audiences. This corresponds well with Innova’s long-term commitment to innovation and a desire to always exceed expectations. We are expecting our shared vision and close cooperation to make this partnership a true success.”

GamersFirst joins a long list of well-known MMO publishers that have partnered with Innova for their unique reach into the Russian MMO games market. Innova Systems will be fully responsible for localizing and operating APB Reloaded on the specified territories. Dedicated servers, along with an in-house security system, local customer support and payment gateways are all part of Innova’s plan to provide the best experience for all Russian-speaking players.

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About Innova Systems

The pioneer in the Russian online entertainment industry, Innova Systems has taken an active role in developing the domestic MMO games market to the level of leading world trends by bringing high quality services and AAA titles to the Russian Market. The Company’s portfolio includes several established games such as Aion, Lineage 2, Atlantica Online and other well-known titles enjoyed by players all over the world.

Innova provides a full range of game publishing services, from a unified community platform, with over two million active users, to a self-developed anti-hack shield called Frost. With a talented team of nearly two hundred employees, the company aims to bring the Russian online entertainment industry to a new level of quality and to always be one step ahead of expectations.

About GamersFirst

GamersFirst is the leading Free2Play® MMO game publisher in the Western hemisphere. serves more than 30 million players in over 160 countries with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. features the hit MMOG's Knight Online, Fallen Earth, Sword2, and  War Rock and future hits APB Reloaded, Hailan Rising, Victory: Age of Racing and Taikodom: Living Universe. Read more about the company and its games at


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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